Bell Field Faribault gets a new scoreboard

2021-12-16 08:15:32 By : Ms. Lisa Wu

Excited about the improvements that Faribault's Bell Field has completed.

At the Faribault City Council meeting on Tuesday night, daily affairs included information about the purchase of a new scoreboard for the baseball stadium.

Faribault Lakers co-hosted the 2021 Minnesota Amateur Baseball Championship with Dundas Dukes and Miesville Mudhens.

Bell Stadium has made many improvements to prepare for this event.

According to the terms outlined in the letter of understanding between Faribault Baseball Association and Faribault City, the city will purchase the scoreboard. The Baseball Association will reimburse the city for the full cost of the scoreboard.

AIM Electronics of Eden Prarie, Mn. Daktronics LED baseball scoreboards and accessories are being sold to Faribault, which means no sales tax will be charged.

AIM will provide new I-beams, new concrete foundations, install new scoreboards, and provide face-to-face operator training after the city’s licensed electricians have completed the final connections.

The majority of the $65,360 cost of the new scoreboard was donated by Faribo National Bank, which will print their logo on the scoreboard.

It is similar to the current scoreboard because it has a simple basic knowledge. There is no video board like Bruce Smith Field. The letters in the graphic layout provided by AIM Electronics for families and guests will be able to have team names. It is a digital LED board.

The color scheme will match the graphic layout we showed at the top of this article. "Decorative arched truss above the scoreboard" and Bell Field across it will not be backlit.

The cost includes removing old boards and installing new boards.

Faribault Lakers manager Charlie Lechtenberg, who is also the head coach of high school baseball, told the KDHL POWER 96 board to install and work in the spring of high school.

It can be operated from a bomb shelter or a stand booth.

Lechtenberg added that there are more improvements to be done before the Minnesota Amateur Baseball Championship arrives in late August. The game is hosted by the Minnesota Baseball Association.

Pour concrete blocks to the field along the black fence outside each air-raid shelter.

Lechtenberg said they also plan to build a deck under the third baseline, which is "great" for both the regular season and the state amateur baseball championship.

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