How to not make cheesecake and get paid $20

2021-12-16 08:15:25 By : Mr. Harry Li

Get paid for doing nothing? Some would say that this is the job of New Jersey legislators.

If you have heard of the shortage of cream cheese across the country, you will have heard of how many companies have encountered difficulties in making cheesecakes for the holidays because cream cheese is an important ingredient. Everything has to do with supply chain issues, which is a common theme in the ongoing pandemic.

Kraft Heinz is the parent company of Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese. They have maximized production to meet demand, but it is still not enough.

Some geniuses came up with this movement. They are actually paying people not to use cream cheese in their holiday baking projects. They made this advertisement to explain it.

Talk about making lemonade with lemons.

To get $20, you must visit starting at noon on Friday. There will be 10,000 slots available for reservation on Friday and 8,000 slots for reservation on Saturday.

After booking, you must submit a store receipt for dessert ingredients or desserts. The date of the receipt must be from December 17th to December 24th.

Those who receive the booking confirmation will be given a unique link to send the receipt between December 28th and January 4th. Then the digital rewards will take two to four weeks to be sent.

Sounds a bit complicated? I think nothing is more complicated than trying to figure out what to put on a jersey bagel, because cream cheese is impossible.

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