8 fall health hazards that dog owners need to know

2021-12-16 08:30:13 By : Ms. Judy Chen

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Including the most dangerous plants at this time of year

The coolness of autumn has come, but not all gifts of this season are safe for our nosy cubs. From fallen horse chestnuts to piles of crunchy leaves, veterinarians warn owners to be extra careful when walking their dogs in the fall.

According to new findings from pet supply store Postman Pooch and veterinarian Dr. Joanna Woodnutt, some of the hazards that may be harmful to curious canines include autumn crocuses (colchicum), mushrooms and toadstools, and festive poinsettia. Summer is usually a time when you feel you need to be more vigilant about pets, but autumn also brings a lot of danger.

"The most dangerous plant at this time of year is colchicum," Joanna told TeamDogs. "This beautiful flower, which appears in autumn, looks like a spring crocus, but its leaves are often not exposed. When eaten, it is very toxic and can cause stomach upset, liver and kidney failure, and epilepsy. Seizures and sometimes even lead to death."

In addition to flowering plants, horse chestnuts also contain a poison called esculin, which is toxic to dogs. "They are extremely hard and not easy to digest," Joanna added. "Swallowing horse chestnuts is very likely to cause intestinal obstruction, and urgent surgical treatment is required.

"Even if your dog chews on horse chestnuts, they are still unsafe-horse chestnuts are poisonous and can cause intestinal pain, drooling and vomiting."

Take your puppy out for a walk? Check out the fall hazard list below...

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