Busy morning at the Gardiner fire department

2021-12-16 08:14:37 By : Mr. kevin NI

According to Kenny Baker magazine, Gardner and surrounding fire departments were busy on Tuesday morning because they received another call in response to the first call.

At about 4 am on Tuesday morning, the Gardiner Fire Department received a call to the police, stating that there was a car accident near the Highway 201 Tobacco Shop. When they arrived, they found the driver asleep on the steering wheel, and actually hit the smoke shop building and lit the car.

Gardiner asked other departments for help, so Randolph and Pittston began to respond. While other departments were responding to the initial car fire alarm call, they received another 911 call stating that an apartment building at 36 Brunswick Avenue in Gardner was on fire.

The other response departments to the car fire in the cigarette shop were diverted while crossing the bridge and sent to the Brunswick Avenue fire. Fortunately, the fire in the apartment building was quickly brought under control. The report indicated that the fire was caused by electrical problems between the first and second floors.

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