Dogs purchased during the lock-in period have not learned this basic country walking rule

2021-12-16 08:30:20 By : Ms. shelly song

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According to a shocking new study

Shocking new data found that in the first quarter of 2021, British farmers saw an astonishing increase in the number of dogs attacking livestock by 50%.

According to NFU Mutual, the number has risen sharply due to the increase in the number of "unruly closed puppies" purchased last year. Although our four-legged friends have proven endless happiness, research has found that many owners lack understanding of how dogs should treat livestock.

A study of more than 1,200 dog owners found:

Sadly, after lockdowns and accommodation led to more Britons exploring the countryside, last year, dog attacks on sheep and cattle cost agriculture as much as 1.3 million pounds.

Paul Thorpe, a farmer who lost his livestock in the dog attack, said his sheep were seriously injured and many of them were put down. "For years, dogs attacked us for a while and then subsided again before returning," he told The Times.

"A lot of people don't seem to understand that chasing sheep is a dog's instinct. Even if they don't attack, pressure can cause ewes to lose their lambs. It's just that a few people don't want to control their dogs. Who is responsible for these attacks."

Last month, NFU welcomed the government’s announcement to solve the livestock problem and provide greater protection for farmers. After years of campaigning, the changes introduced in the Animal Welfare (Farming of Animals) Act have received strong public support.

Rebecca Davidson, a rural affairs expert at NFU Mutual, said: “Dog owners lack awareness of the capabilities of their pets. Our research found that only 40% of people think their dogs will harm or harm livestock.”

"Even if the dog has no physical contact, the pain of chasing can cause sheep death, miscarriage and separation of lambs from their mothers. Farm animals are also chased into danger-drowning in the river, falling off the cliff, getting their necks fenced Stuck."

Going outside may be a good soul tonic, but it is important that the owner knows how to take care of their dog when around the livestock.

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