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2021-12-16 08:29:14 By : Ms. Rita Guo

It's time to insert luxury goods. As this high-end German company accelerates its move away from fossil fuels and moves towards an all-electric future, Mercedes-Benz showcased two mass-produced battery-powered cars and two extraordinary concept cars. The rich and their drivers will no longer rely on the rumble of a powerful internal combustion engine to announce their arrival. Instead, battery power that is responsible for the planet will provide eerie silence, bringing them from opera to Michelin-starred restaurants. Becoming Mercedes-Benz means going down to the smallest details and proposing a design language to commemorate the glorious past of the Stuttgart company, while citing new technologies. Did they succeed? We will let you judge.

G-Class is Mercedes-Benz's strongest, brick-like, ultra-luxury four-wheel drive statement of intent that can be used anytime, anywhere. Starting in 2025, all of these will be equipped with full electric power, and Mercedes-Benz released the first picture of its super-sized new battery baby, which is an updated version of the current G-class sedan. A solid panel with 3D effect LED stars replaces the grille. Stuttgart said that the LED strips decorate all parts of the exterior, including the front part across the roof rack, indicating that EQG has the potential for "demanding off-road adventure". What's more important are the four electric motors that power these adventure activities. One is installed on each wheel and can be controlled individually. The company stated that these engines will provide "huge traction and control." Like Tonka toys, including batteries.

If you are seeking extreme luxury while promoting your certificate of being earth-friendly, this may be the ideal machine for you. The Maybach is a symbol used by Mercedes-Benz to elevate its already enviable luxury goods by one or ten notches. In the EQS Maybach concept car-a mass production version expected in 2023-this goal is transformed into the most luxurious SUV-sized electric car currently planned. Most car owners will spend their time on one of the two ultra-luxury armchairs with integrated footrests, these armchairs occupy the rear of the concept car, and if you choose to specify, there is also a refrigerated compartment Come to store old-fashioned champagne. The exterior styling uses a bold pinstripe front panel, which refers to one of Maybach's main design clues. Open a door and the running board will automatically appear. The floating power comes from a pair of electric motors, and its arrival is completely silent, but not without influence. It's like a responsible private jet, born for the highway.

Production is ready and due next year, this electric dream is definitely a key release for Mercedes-Benz. EQE has an important job: defeating Tesla's Model 3 and Polestar's 2 in their own games, deploying the additional attraction of the three-pointed star, and decorating the glossy black front panel that replaces the traditional grille. The appearance is neat and tidy, with an obvious "cab forward tilt" contour, which has become a typical representative of Stuttgart's electric series of customized models. Manufacturing is made of 100% recycled steel-this is the company's first-aerodynamic efficiency is a key design goal, which is especially important for electric vehicles, which can make full use of batteries. Expecting the range to be impressive, Mercedes-Benz itself quoted nearly 400 miles from a 10-cell 90kWh battery. Even the most basic car will have 288 bhp, which should be of impressive importance. The price should be around £60,000. If you are considering Tesla, you may have to wait for a while.

Performance addicts have been waiting for it to be ordered later this year. AMG EQS is the flagship of the EQS series and Mercedes-Benz customized electric models. Power is all of the AMG department, and AMG EQS will not disappoint. The maximum power of high-end models can reach an astonishing 751 bhp. Yes, you read it right. There is an AMG-only electric motor on each of the front and rear axles. Frankly speaking, it can raise the AMG EQS to 60 mph in an incredible 3.4 seconds, which is comparable to the Lamborghini Huracan. The top speed is limited to 155 mph, which should be enough, but if you cruise at this speed all day, the range of approximately 330 miles is expected to be greatly reduced. The luxury is exactly as you would expect, and the entire dashboard uses Mercedes-Benz "Super Screen". Like one? You need approximately £80,000 in the piggy bank and a highway or an airstrip to make the most of it. 

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