Direct-Driver Computerized Hand Stitch Machine Imitation Manual Stitch Sewing Machine

FIT-783D/785DMDirect-Drive Computerized Hand Stitch MachineSewing speed500r.p.mLength thread90cmThread sizeGerman standard10-120Needle780c 16#,18#,20#,23#Power220v50hz/380v50hzAir pressure5 mpaStitch length0.5-10mmStitch form1stitch,1thread(real hand stitch)Appearance size128*96*86cmPresser lifting height8-10mmLifting wayPneumat

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Direct-Drive Computerized Hand Stitch Machine
Sewing speed500r.p.m
Length thread90cm
Thread sizeGerman standard10-120
Needle780c 16#,18#,20#,23#
Air pressure5 mpa
Stitch length0.5-10mm
Stitch form1stitch,1thread(real hand stitch)
Appearance size128*96*86cm
Presser lifting height8-10mm
Lifting wayPneumatic/by knee
Thread specificationCommon thread
Back stitchSet free
Equipped with computerized system: adjustment of sewing speed/stitch space(the space between two stitches)and stitch length, convertible stitches in both sides, business attire, knitting products, tanning leather, hating ,bag, making tune stitch
Presser lifted pneumatic ally start-end back tack
Presser lifted pneumatic all or by right knee and start-end back tack, equipped with computerized system such as changing the length of pin-point and stitch length, operating half stitch button, auto-adjust able positive and negative pin-point. setting stitches and so on.
Use computer-controlled servo motor
Use computer-controlled servo motor to control feeding system which reduces many spare parts, does not occur even in high-speed of weighty materials.
Skipped stitched are reduced
Skipped stitches and insufficient thread tightening due to a change of thread tension are reduced, regardiness of types of thread. The range of sewing capability has been enlarged.
Less noise
With through review of the mechanisms causing noise, quieter sewing even at higher sewing speed than the conventional model has been realized. The machine is mde with a sound design gentle to ears.
Einfache Bedienbarkeit
Equipped with liquid crystal touch-pad panied more powerful functions, simple frame and stable performance.
Beautiful design, wide application
This machine is designed with fashionable appearance and word advanced mechanism, and easy operation, it can stitch  all kinds of fabric form light and medium heavy weight s an efficient sewing equipmet in knitting and garment factories.
Computer digital control over stitch length
Computer digital control over fixed-length stitch(stitch number)
Computer digital control over back stitch length/stitch number
High -definition liquid crystal color display, decent and fashionable
Visual licon display, simple and visual
Optimal high integration electronic circuit, with reliable work
Mark cam positioning, easy for adjustment
Sewing speed with foot control
Knee/pneumatic lifting and presser foot device, easy for operation
Needle shift device, invulnerable for needle oreakage
Hand/automatic thread cutter, safe and reliable
Thread take-off mechanism unnecessary for threading, fast and time-saving
A wide-range sewing thread size, reducing the thread cost
Adjustable stitch tension as required
Flicker-free LED cold light lamp,reducing visual fatigue.

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Direct-Driver Computerized Hand Stitch Machine Imitation Manual Stitch Sewing Machine


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