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The author and content creator shared her top kitchen gadgets, must-have beauty products and her best Amazon shopping ever

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From speakers to perfumes, these are Stephanie’s first choices

With a staggering 232,000 Instagram followers, Stephanie Yeboah knows how to recommend products to a large audience.

After gaining fame through her plus-size fashion blog, Nerd About Town, it is not surprising that she became an authority in all fashion fields.

In fact, her clothing posts often receive thousands of likes and comments from fans, and everyone wants to emulate her effortlessly cool wardrobe.

But people in the know also believe that Stephanie will recommend everything, from wonderful beauty products to the next must-read book-this makes her the perfect candidate for our Game Changer series, and we invite influential people to choose their most important must Prepare the entire category of products (think about the most commonly used items in their bedroom, they can’t live without travel skills and 100% luxury items worth splurging on).

We asked Stephanie to share all the contents of her favorite kitchen utensils and the book she recommended to everyone, and now we basically want everything she suggests. If you have more than a few of these results in your basket, please don't blame us.

You can trust our independent review. We may earn commissions from some retailers, but we will never allow this to influence choices, which are based on real-world tests and expert advice. This income helps fund the journalism of The Independent.

I am still in awe of how such a basic thing can provide so many amazing benefits to my hair. In the past few months, using a scalp massager on my hair not only increased the length and thickness of the hair (by stimulating circulation), but it also felt absolutely incredible and helped to change the accumulation of oils and products, Make my hair feel healthier. Use it in combination with mint shampoo to get a stinging experience outside the body!

I discovered this gadget through targeted Instagram ads for the first time and decided to check it out because I desperately needed a blender to make smoothies. I am very happy that I made this leap because BlendJet is great. The USP of this product is completely wireless and can double as a cup, which means you can mix and sip anytime, anywhere. Its powerful motor means that the mixing takes 20 seconds to turn off automatically, trust me: this bad boy can mix anything.

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Known for maintaining nearly 1,000 times its own weight in water, including hyaluronic acid in my daily regimen has completely changed the health and appearance of my skin, providing it with much-needed hydration every day. I have tried various brands over the years, but the version of Inkey List is great. The formula is very concentrated, there is no sticky feeling on my face, I don't have to wait a long time to see the results. I like this brand very much, so I also bought many other serums and treatments.

By now, I'm pretty sure I have every variant of these specific jeans: indigo, black, ripped, vinyl, leopard, you name it, I have it! As a person with a short torso and long legs, it is sometimes difficult for me to buy jeans from my mom or boyfriend because the high waist is always a bit too high, but these jeans fit my waist very well. Not only are they very comfortable and great with every piece of clothing, but they also maintain their shape and wash well. My current shoes are more than four years old and they are still very durable.

We all like a good multifunctional cloth: it can be used to clean a range of different surfaces: glass? you are right! wood? come on. leather? Light effort! For me, when I accidentally threw a few pieces of this cloth into the washing machine, the game changed completely, seeing how clean they became after the cycle was completed. Now I’m not sure if the microfiber cloth should only be used a few times before throwing it away, but my current cloth is four months old and it’s still counting. Even though I’ve washed it many times in the machine, the fiber is still super good Absorb water, easily absorb dust, oil and dirt.

Second only to my bed, the most commonly used item in my bedroom must be IKEA vanilla candles. Considering their cost, its fragrance is impressive. I am an absolute fan of candles and I light some around my apartment every day, all day (except when I leave home of course!) so every morning I wake up, I will light one of the candles. It leaves a beautiful warm, sweet scent, without the disgusting, suffocating scent that some vanilla candles occasionally have.

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Adding foam rollers to my daily exercise is a real game changer for me. Due to sprains, dislocations and fractures in my teens, my knees are no longer in their strongest state, so being able to use these rollers to massage the ligaments around my legs and knees before exercise really helps to relax my knees. And it reduces the pain of squatting and lunges a lot.

Most of us will experience at least some manifestations of trauma in our lives. For me, this book is excellent at explaining how trauma survives and manifests in the body. From occasional forgetfulness, strained shoulders and our fight or flight response, to defense mechanisms and attachment conditions, everything is explained in layman terms, while also providing practical alternatives to heal the mind, brain, and body.

There is nothing more like playing your favorite music in your hotel room and preparing to spend a night in town. If I forget my headphones at home (horrible, I know!), I will walk the whole way home or buy new headphones when I’m out. Music is something I really can’t live without, and the JBL go 2 speaker Can produce an unusually loud sound for such a small tool. I definitely take mine anywhere and is one of my favorite technology purchases so far.

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Do you know how it feels when you smell a fragrance for the first time, and it awakens every sense of yours at that moment? This is how I felt when I first tried my current iconic perfume Quercus, which comes from Penhaligon's, a traditional British perfumer. Created by William Penhaligon, who was later appointed as the official perfumer of the Royal Court, the brand was awarded the Royal Order-the recognition of quality and excellence. The brand's perfumes are not only carefully crafted to have an incredible longevity, but everything from exquisite packaging to romantic and magnificent aesthetics is an absolute dream. An amazing brand!

For me, Laneige lip balm is one of the best lip balm ever. At the time of writing, I am currently using the fifth bathtub in a year and a half. The lip mask is designed to be worn before going to bed, so the formula is stronger than normal lip balm, but I wear it all day long because it is not only super moisturizing, but also works as an excellent primer for liquid lipsticks, ensuring that the lipstick does not Penetrates into lip lines or lip wrinkles. I absolutely refuse to recognize any other lip balm except Laneige, and hope that they will rule for a long time.

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From speakers to perfumes, these are Stephanie’s first choices

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