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2021-12-16 08:30:39 By : Ms. Enzu Jiang

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The old is new again. Sweater vests can be seen everywhere this season. There are many unique ways to rock the popular autumn trend. We have seen Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Madison Beer, Yara Shahidi, Shawn Mendes and Schitt's Creek alumni Annie Murphy in sweater vests. If you want to get into the craze, the best way is to wear it in a way that suits your personal style.

If you are a girl who cuts a top, choose a short sweater vest. If you wear biker shorts every day, match them with an oversized sweater vest. There are many different styling options to suit every aesthetic. Of course, we can't just skip classic sweater vests and pleated skirts. There are also some fashion ideas that you may not think of, such as sweater vests and graphic T-shirts or sweater vests with a pair of high-waist shorts. 

We came up with the idea of ​​dressing up, so you don't have to. Continue to scroll to see some styling inspo and some great sweater vests, you can buy them at Macy's, Boohoo, Amazon, SHEIN, Etsy, Abercrombie, H&M, etc.

Style 1: Short sweater vest with oversized button shirt and oversized button shirt as a mini dress, top with sweater vest, creating Gossip Girl style. Combat boots match this look perfectly. We even found a cute ivory bag to match the whole. This cute satin headband can add to your look, or you can wear it as a bracelet.

This sweater vest comes from Madison Beer's Boohoo drop. The tailored design adds interest to the classic style. It is also available in white. This is one of the items you will keep in your wardrobe and redesign in many different ways in the coming years. 

Do. no. sleep. exist. White. Button style. Yes, it does not seem exciting to talk about a white button-down shirt, but please keep an open mind and consider all the creative ways that can be designed for it, especially this oversized shirt, which is very suitable as a sweater vest Mini dress. It is also available in beautiful light blue. 

Refresh your autumn boots collection with a new pair of combat boots. They bring coolness to every piece of clothing, especially when you are wearing a sweater vest. This Crown Vintage pair is stylish and very durable in cold weather. Ankle boots have strong slow traction and low heels.

You don’t think we will let you hang up without accessories, do you? do not worry. We have been thinking about this dress. How cute is this cloud bag? The ivory bag looks great with this dress, and a beautiful light blue bag can also be used. This cute wallet is also available in pink and brown. Warning: No matter where you go, you will get a lot of compliments.

These are so cute. If you want a ponytail, bun, or half-up and half-down hairstyle, you might as well wear a cute headband. These satin soft hair ties are available in two sets, in many different colors. 

Look 2: Full-length sweater vest with jeans and white sneakers Yes, diamond sweater vest can be part of the street style. Pair it with jeans and refreshing white sneakers to bring a casual feel to your sweater vest.

Argyle does not have to be traditional. Why not turn pink? If you are looking for another unique option, this sweater vest is also available in lemon green. If you want classics, there are beige and navy blue diamond sweater vests.

We will always rely on Madewell to produce jeans because (as the name suggests) they all do a good job. This pair of special models are available in plus size, small size, standard size and high size. This jeans has a comfortable stretch and high waist design. 

Nothing is cooler than a pair of all-white Nike sneakers. Matching a sweater vest is simply effortless.

And, of course, we found a great shoulder bag that can be coordinated with this ensemble and is on sale! This exquisite pebbled leather bag has multiple pockets inside and outside. It is also available in black, gray, yellow and green.

Look 3: Black on Black on Black There is absolutely nothing wrong with all black outfits, especially with some white elements. It is the perfect combination of relaxation and fashion. We designed a black long-sleeved bodysuit and black ripped jeans for this sweater vest.

If you like black and white, then buy this sweater vest. If you like black with white, you can also choose this option. This is a great top in itself, and it can also be paired with a catsuit like the ones we see here. 

This bodysuit smooths, shapes and shapes. This is an essential item, you can wear it alone or under a sweater vest (hint, hint). There are many colors to choose from. You will want all of them!

These jeans are very soft and stretchy, with some tears at the knees. These are the perfect match with black and white sweater vests.

You can use this simple and chic small shoulder bag to replace your bulky big wallet when you are running errands or grabbing a quick snack. And, of course, it is an excellent addition to the appearance of this sweater vest. It also has seven other colors to choose from. 

At this point, we may all have a pair of black combat boots, but why not put on these white boots with black actions? They are more versatile than you realize and are the perfect shoes for the look of your sweater vest.

Look 4: Oversized sweater vest with motorcycle shorts. If you are wearing motorcycle shorts and are afraid of the idea of ​​"dressing up", then you need to make compromises. Put on your favorite biker shorts and an oversized sweater vest. If you want, you can fold it on a button shirt. 

The oversized sweater vest is a must-have item for the season. This model is available in light blue, beige and gray. 

Do. no. sleep. exist. White. Button style. Yes, we are talking about a white buttoned shirt again. This is essential for sweater vest styling and in general. This one also has light blue.

These are the best motorcycle shorts on Amazon. They have more than 44,600 five-star reviews. Who can't use a new pair of motorcycle shorts? Especially now they are so stylishly matched with oversized sweater vests. They are stylish, practical, and must-buy. In addition, there are many lengths and colors to choose from. 

If you are a busy girl, you need to add a pair of Allbirds Tree Breezers (and of course this dress) to your wardrobe. The shoes are very comfortable and flexible, can minimize odors, and can be machine washed. Kate Hudson, Hilary Duff and Chris Pratt were all found wearing Allbirds.

And, you can't forget the bag. JW PEI's vegan leather bags are waterproof and can withstand years of use. This messenger bag is suitable for many occasions and has enough capacity to hold your mobile phone, cards, wallet, cosmetics and other necessities. JW PEI is another brand worn by celebrities. It has been found on Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski and many other celebrities. 

Look 5: Turtleneck sweater vest and shorts Yes, it’s autumn, but that doesn’t mean you need to leave shorts behind you with your summer wardrobe. A sweater vest is the perfect way to turn your favorite shorts into a fall item, especially when you stack it with a high-necked catsuit. You can use closed toe caps, lace-up wedge heels, and suede bags to maintain the autumn vibe.

This is a high-quality sweater vest with incredible versatility, ranging in size from small to 5XL. It has a variety of colors to choose from, suitable for men, women and children. Once again, we must insist that a pair of high-waisted shorts will be very fashionable.

These high-waist shorts can be easily dressed up or dressed up. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes from XS to 4X. If your style is right, you can wear shorts all year round, please trust us. 

Like most Free People catsuits, this turtleneck sweater is very soft. This is a great layered piece, it is a unique piece that will never go out of style. Get this for each color. believe us.

When you hear "wedge", many of us think of sandals, but open-toed wedge shoes are the main style of autumn and winter. These are available in a variety of colors to complete your sweater vest suit. 

The suede bag is the perfect autumn accessory. You may think you can't wear shorts in autumn, but with a sweater vest and suede bag, you have the perfect autumn outfit. This suede bag is available in black, brown and navy blue.

Look 6: Sweater vest with T-shirt and loose jeans. Just wear a sweater vest with loose jeans and white tennis shoes over the pure white T-shirt to emphasize the sense of leisure.

This sweater vest is available in solid colors, diamond prints, houndstooth prints, and even strawberry prints. If you also want to wear a sweater vest for the first time, this is a good price point!

You will never have too many white short-sleeved T-shirts. This Hanes option has more than 21,800 five-star reviews from happy Amazon customers. Use it with a sweater vest, alone or with other items already in your wardrobe. 

Yes, you can match the sweater vest with your favorite everyday loose-fitting jeans. The shoes are designed with a high waist, with straight legs below the ankles.

This shoe defines the term "classic sneaker". This versatile style is exactly what your favorite sweater vest needs.

This light blue handbag matches perfectly with the navy blue diamond sweater, but we must emphasize our overall love for this bag. It has more than 100 different colors to choose from and has more than 24,500 five-star Amazon reviews. 

Look 7: Sweater vest with tennis skirt, why choose a trend when you can choose several? Stand out with some leopard prints. Put a sweater vest on a long-sleeved sweater to increase warmth. Wearing a tennis skirt, immersed in the atmosphere of the preparatory school. If you really just want to go all out (and give yourself a little extra warmth), put on some knee socks.

If you like animal prints, this is the perfect way for you to try the sweater vest trend.

Fold the sweater vest on the sweater to create a comfortable atmosphere. This model is available in a variety of colors.

Tennis skirts are not only suitable for courts, but you don't need to use warm weather as an excuse to wear them. The tennis skirt with a sweater vest instantly transforms into an autumn item. Especially there is a long-sleeved sweater and some high socks inside. If you spend a little time thinking about styling, tennis skirts can also fall like this.

Over-the-knee socks are practical and stylish, and are the perfect way to add some preparation to your fall outfits.

Combining these knee socks with these ankle boots is a fashionable element of this sweater vest suit.

Look 8: Wearing a transparent top on a sweater vest dress and wearing a transparent top is an exquisite interpretation of popular styles. 

If you are not entirely sure how to design a sweater vest, choose a loose-fitting dress. This Abercrombie sweater tank dress is styled in white and houndstooth.

That sweater vest dress is pretty on its own, but try the transparent black top below. This transparent button-down top is also available in white and burgundy colors.

Wear a black bra under the transparent button top. This casual bra from Kim Kardashian's Skims uses 2 layers of support elasticity and a second layer of skin softness, making you want to wear it every day.

Show off your legs with this sweater vest mini dress with a pair of high-heeled ankle boots. They have a unique flared heel.

If you are looking for a hobo bag to carry with you, this is a very practical bag. A loose wallet can even fit a 15-inch laptop. It comes with a matching zip pocket so you can separate smaller accessories.

Look 9: Sweater vest with midi skirt. By now, you may have realized that you can match almost any sweater vest at the bottom. Mid-length skirts are very suitable for the autumn months, especially tartan. Plaid skirts and sweater vests are just the epitome of the autumn atmosphere.

This oversized ribbed knit sweater vest has shoulder pads and beveled side slits. It has brown and cream colors.

That ribbed sweater vest looks great with this brown plaid midi skirt. 

These chocolate brown boots will look great with a sweater vest suit and many other suits you will wear this season.

This suede crossbody bag is perfect for carrying all your essentials from day to night. There are also many fashionable colors to choose from.

Look 10: Sweater vest with leather leggings. Pair that sweater vest with a pair of faux leather leggings to create a rock style.

Hounds are one of the main trends in autumn. This sweater vest is available in classic black and white houndstooth prints and other colors, including pink, lavender, bright green and orange.

Wear that houndstooth sweater vest alone, or when the weather is a bit cold, you can layer it on a black buttoned shirt.

These chic faux leather leggings are a must-have item in your wardrobe. They have moderate compression and high waist. If you want to bring unexpected changes to the sweater vest, try matching a pair of faux leather pants.

These ankle boots are modern, simple and stylish. They have padded insoles with 6 mm memory foam for maximum comfort. Black looks great with this dress, but there are also other colors to choose from.

This is the season of fluffy coats and the season of fluffy wallets. Keep up with the trend with this bag. It has sports design and storage space, you can carry your daily essential items.

Look 11: A buttoned sweater vest with a patterned T-shirt and pants. A buttoned sweater vest means you have a variety of styling options. Take this opportunity to display your favorite graphic T-shirt to celebrate your favorite movie character or band. Pair with pull-on trousers to maximize your comfort.

You can button this sweater vest all the way and let it open completely, or just button some buttons. There are so many cute costumes that can be created with this. 

This T-shirt is a perfect tribute to one of the most iconic movie characters. Cher would not wear a patterned T-shirt at the time, but maybe she will wear it in 2021, especially if she can wear a sweater vest on it.

These high-waisted trousers are very comfortable but look delicate. It is the best of both worlds and a great addition to the sweater vest/graphic T-shirt combination.

These ballet flats have more than 20,100 five-star reviews from Amazon shoppers. This pair of gray goes well with this dress, but there are many versatile colors to choose from.

You can remove the shoulder strap of this bag and use it as a clutch. Or, you can use it as an everyday messenger bag. It also has three other colors suitable for autumn.

If you are looking for a more fashionable style, check out these mini dresses, which you can easily wear from summer to autumn. 

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